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“america’s oldest teenager” dies at 82


dick clark

legendary american television presenter dick clark died today at age 82 after suffering a massive heart attack. clark, affectionately referred to as “america’s oldest teenager”, is most famous as the host of american bandstand (did you guys have american bandstand in germany?) and his annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (do you guys have new year’s eve in germany?).

though nearly nobody here in the editorial department knows who dick clark was, here is why he was important. running from 1956-1989, american bandstand was at the forefront of bridging the gap between radio and television. keep in mind that americans in the ’50s were way more conservative than we are today, so the fresh-faced, always-charming dick clark was critical in bringing that new-fangled rock ‘n roll music into america’s living room. the show featured acts of any race or ethnicity and was one of the first programs to have a non-segregated audience. clark’s ability to change with the times allowed him to present a wide variety of acts like elvis presley, talking heads, public image ltd, prince, and hundreds more.

clark and bandstand truly paved the way for all music television, and for that, we here at say thank you and rest in peace to a true pioneer.

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